Wedding Services
If you are looking for a wedding planner or an event planner look no further. We are one of the top wedding planners and organizers of India. We provide professional advice on all aspects of getting married and staging events from large corporate functions to a small children’s birthday party. Along with our tailor made wedding service we also offer a wide selection of affordable wedding packages, a professional catering team and rental equipment for hire for those who want to create their own party. We specialise in transforming your dreams into reality and will ensure your wedding or event is planned and executed to absolute perfection. No attention to detail is overlooked enabling you to enjoy a memorable and trouble free day.
Our team of experts with a combined 7 years of experience will work closely with you from beginning to completion and beyond. When your dream girl or boy is to get married, you’ll soon realize that planning a wedding is quite difficult.That’s why your wedding planner ,Mines Entertainment, will be pleased to help you planning your wedding! We can either arrange the whole wedding or just a part of it : as you wish!
If you need an all inclusive wedding planning, a wedding coordinator will help you in the entire planning of your destination wedding in delhi or anywhere in india from the beginning to the wedding D-day for your entire serenity. 
A first meeting will be held during which you will present your requests, your wishes, your expectations and your dreams to us. And together, we’ll organize a wedding that resembles you.We will advise you and shall strictly comply with your budget, and you are the one who will make the final decisions.
Wedding photography and videography
We have a top photographer who is able to take 'documentary-style' photography, capturing the most precious moments of your wedding experience from the preparations of the bride and groom to that final dance.

We also arrange videographers to capture every single moment of your special event. Your personal ceremony and reception video will then be formatted and put on DVD, so you can relive the memories for years to come.
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