Beauty Contest
Planning a beauty pageant is not a child's play. It takes a whole lot of planning and preparation, which starts months in advance, to ensure that the pageant goes on smoothly. So, if you are planning, Mines Entertainment is here to help you.

We not only organize but provide all services and help till the events end.
We are experts in special events and help you make an unforgettable experience for your guests. We organize and provide services to various special events which includes as under:
Fashion Show
We have expertise in conceptualization of themes and its implementation in "fashion events". Our experience and sound networking in the modeling industry and fashion event management has earned us renowned companies prestigious contracts. Our experts offer amazing concepts and our team presents it into reality. We have earned several valuable contracts in the past and the clients enjoyed working with us. We have worked in fashion show events all over India, for branded companies. We have also arranged fashion show events for well renowned designers. We pay due attention to the following areas for any fashion event as they are key to 
Venue And Time
We select prime locations of fashion show events with an understanding of the class of audience. The timing of the fashion event and fashion event coordinator is carefully selected convenient to both the clients and the audience.
Our creative designers are expert in proposing a variety of themes and select the best one that goes with the concept. The concept of designer wardrobes and accessories is selected according to the style and execution of the theme.
Indian Models
Our experienced and glamorous Indian models exhibit designer clothes and entire aura with confidence and style. They add value to the whole fashion event, fashion show events and create buzz amongst the audience.
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